Website Release Notes/Message

Please read carefully

Your customers will never see this message if you provide them with your personal link to this site. Like all of our websites, this site will have your personal custom link to it so that you will never ever see this page. As long as you use your personal link/url.

PLEASE NOTE: This site is live, but I am still in the process of loading the database with the config files from the other sites. This will take a day or two. Your personal links will not work until the database is updated. Please stay tuned to the Better Health Members Only group for updates.

To view the demo site just type in "demo" in the password box below without the quotes.

To view your personal site look at your Better Health link to get your password. For example, if your Better Health link looks like this:

Then your password is: demo

This is your password for all of our websites. And no, demo is not your personal password. :-) Please look at your personal Better Health link. If you don't know your Better Health links send us an email or use the contact form on the demo site to send us an email and we'll be happy to send you your personalized links.

Once you get to the main page copy the link in the browser URL window and that is your personal link to this site. Use that and you will never see this page again.

If you are not a Better Health member please join us here. We now have Team Memberships for up to four people which will only cost each person $8/month. If you have a Shaklee PWS then you are required to have your own Better Health membership to use our sites. This website replaces Shaklee's $8/month Prove It Challenge website so get four leaders together and cancel your Shaklee site and you get all of our websites basically for free! Money well spent to grow your business.

Also note that we will be providing you with short links soon. The short link will look something like this:

Where "demo" is replaced by your site name.